anthropometrically poetry anomic thrall

    anthropometrically homeric pall trot any     anthropometrically homeric trot anal ply     anthroposophically trophic hoop anal sly     anthroposophically trophic anal holy ops



Batch III from Subwords. Words from litscape.

Anomic: Anomy n. “Disregard of law, lawlessness; esp. (in 17th c. theology) disregard of divine law. Obs.”, anomia n. “A form of aphasia characterized by inability to recall the names of objects.” (OED)
Pall: “A cloth, usually of black, purple, or white velvet, spread over a coffin, hearse, or tomb. Also: a shroud for a corpse”. (OED)
Trot: “An old woman; usually disparaging: an old beldame, a hag.” (OED)
Ply: “The condition of being bent or turned to one side (lit. and fig.); a twist, turn, direction; a bias, inclination, or tendency of mind or character; esp. in to take a (also the, one’s) ply. Obsolete.” (OED)
Trophic: adj. “Of or relating to the availability of food; (Ecology) of or relating to the availability of nutrients in a lake or wetland (cf. eutrophic adj. 2, oligotrophic adj. 2, etc.).” and “Of or relating to the consumption of food; (Ecology) of or relating to relationships between autotrophs and heterotrophs, as in a food chain (see food chain n. 1a).” (OED)
Ops: op n. “A military operation. Frequently in plural.” and “A detective; esp. a private investigator.” (OED)