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Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Pail: n. “An open-topped vessel with a hooped carrying handle, typically of slightly tapering cylindrical shape, used esp. for holding or carrying liquids; (now more generally) a bucket. In early use also: †a container for food, a kitchen vessel (obsolete).”, “A spike or awn of barley.”, v. “trans. To dispense or convey (liquid) by means of a pail; to milk (a cow). Occasionally with out, up. Also intr.” (OED)
Togs: pl. of tog n. “Cant and slang. A coat; any outer garment”, “Clothes. slang and humorously colloq.”, “Local variant of teg n.1, perhaps influenced by hog.” (teg n. “A sheep in its second year, or from the time it is weaned till its first shearing; a yearling sheep; = hog n.1 4, hogget n. 2. Formerly restricted to the female; now applied to both sexes ( ewe teg and wether tegs). Also attrib. as teg sheep, teg wool (see 1b).”), v. “trans. To clothe, to dress. Const. out, up.” (OED)
Yore: adj. & adv. “A long time ago; of old; frequently strengthened by full; also in collocation with ago, agone. Phr. it is (gone) yore (that..): long ago. Obsolete.” (OED)