turd urea ream damp  

tush urea rear damp  

tush area leer lark  

turf area leer lake  

wuss area real damp  


Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Urea: n. “A soluble crystalline compound, forming an organic constituent of the urine in mammalia, birds, and some reptiles, and also found in the blood, milk, etc.; carbamide, CO(NH2)2.” (OED)
Salps: variant of salpa n. “A genus of tunicates, the sole representative of the family Salpidæ; also, a tunicate of this genus.” (tunicate n. “One of a class of marine animals, formerly regarded as molluscs, but now classified as a degenerate branch of Chordata, comprising the ascidians and allied forms, characterized by a pouch-like body enclosed in a tough leathery integument, with a single or double aperture through which the water enters and leaves the pharynx.”) (OED)