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Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Yogee: variant of yogi n. “An ascetic who practises the Indian philosophical or spiritual discipline of yoga; an expert practitioner or teacher of yoga; (sometimes more generally) any practitioner of yoga.” (OED)
Synes: hypothetical plural of a nominalization of ‘syne’ adj. & conj. “At a later time, afterwards, subsequently; esp. in phr. soon or syne, sooner or later.”, “(So long) before now; ago: = since adv. 4. See also langsyne adv.” (OED)
Sypes: variant of sipe n. “The act of percolating or soaking through, on the part of water or other liquid; the water, etc., which percolates.”, “A small spring or pool of water.”, v. “intr. Of water or other liquid: To percolate or ooze through; to drip or trickle slowly; to soak.” (OED)
Agrin: adj. “In predicative use: grinning. Chiefly in all agrin.” (OED)
Rente: n. “Chiefly in France: government stock; the interest or income accruing from such stock.” (OED)
Meses: pl. of mes n. “A stroke, a blow. to mark (a person) with a mes: (fig.) to strike with a calamity or affliction. at good mes: in good range or position for a shot. Obsolete”, of mese n. “Moss. Obsolete.”, “A piece of land or (occasionally) the dwelling built on it.”, “In ancient Greek music: the highest note of the lower of a pair of tetrachords, identical in some scales with the lowest note of the higher tetrachord (cf. paramese n.). Hence, in the two-octave scale known as the Greater Perfect System: the middle note, which is also the highest note of the second lowest of the four tetrachords.”, also mese v. “trans. To mitigate, assuage, appease, calm (a person’s anger, sorrow, etc.); to settle (a dispute).”, “trans. To calm (wind, tempest, etc.); to quench (fire). Obsolete.” (OED)
Merls: variant of merl v. “To apply marl to (land); to improve (soil) with marl. Also: †to dig marl (obsolete). Also intr.”To spread (marl) as manure. Obsolete.”, “trans. To improve (land) as with marl. Also fig.: to enrich (something) as with marl. Obsolete.” (marl n. “An earthy deposit, typically loose and unconsolidated and consisting chiefly of clay mixed with calcium carbonate, formed in prehistoric seas and lakes and long used to improve the texture of sandy or light soil. Also: a calcareous deposit found at the bottom of present-day lakes and rivers, composed of the remains of aquatic plants and animals.”), also merl n. “Chiefly Sc. and poet. The blackbird, Turdus merula.” (OED)