The batch of 3-squares presented at a pop-up exhibition in May this year. man ape new

yes eve sex her eye red his art sky his era red his ill sky his ink sky its the sea its the sex


Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Irk: n. “Tedium, irksomeness, annoyance.”, adj. “Weary, tired; troubled; ‘bored’, disgusted; loath. Const. of (rarely with), or with infinitive. Obsolete”, v. “Of a thing: To affect with weariness, dislike, or disgust; to weary, tire; to trouble; to disgust, to ‘bore’.”, “ impersonal it irks (me), it wearies, annoys, troubles (me); = Latin piget. Const. infinitive or clause; formerly of. arch.” (OED)
Ilk: adj. pron. n. “ the (this, that) ilk: the same, the identical, the very same (person, thing, etc., already mentioned, or specified in a following clause). Frequently in statements of time, e.g. that ilk day, this ilk night, that ilk year, etc.Obsolete (Sc. in later use).”, “orig. and chiefly Sc. of that ilk: of the same place, territorial designation, or name (chiefly in names of landed families, as Guthrie of that ilk, Wemyss of that ilk = Guthrie of Guthrie, Wemyss of Wemyss).” (OED)
Ire: n. “Anger; wrath. Now chiefly poet. and rhetorical.” (OED)