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Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Afore: adv. prep. & conj. “Of place, position, or direction, fixed or involving motion: in front, in advance, ahead; in or into the forepart.”, “Of time: during the preceding period of time, in or at an earlier time; previously.” (OED)
Stoln: older variant of the contracted pp. of steal. Synds: variant for sind n. “A rinsing; a draught, a potation.”, v. “trans. To rinse, to wash out or down.” (OED)
Frass: n. “The excrement of larvæ; also, the refuse left behind by boring insects.” Aboon: older form of above. Stens: sten n. “More fully Sten gun: a type of light, rapid-fire, sub-machine-gun. Also fig. and attrib.”, also sten-gun v. “trans. to shoot at or kill with a Sten gun.” (OED)