crawl logoi aulos sleep seeds  

crawl logoi aulos sleep seers  

crawl logoi awarn smile sends  

crawl logoi awarn edile synds  


Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Logoi: pl. of logos n. “A term used by Greek (esp. Hellenistic and Neo-Platonist) philosophers in certain metaphysical and theological applications developed from one or both of its ordinary senses ‘reason’ and ‘word’; also adopted in three passages of the Johannine writings of the New Testament (where the English versions render it by ‘Word’) as a designation of Jesus Christ; hence employed by Christian theologians, esp. those who were versed in Greek philosophy, as a title of the Second Person of the Trinity. By modern writers the Greek word is used untranslated in historical expositions of ancient philosophical speculation, and in discussions of the doctrine of the Trinity in its philosophical aspects.” (OED)
Aulos: n. “A woodwind instrument of ancient Greece, or a similar instrument in use in some other ancient civilizations.” (OED) Aglee: variant for agley adv. adj. “Awry, wrong; askew; obliquely, asquint. Frequently to go (also gang, etc.) agley.”, “In predicative use: that is awry, wrong; askew, oblique.” (OED)
Roule: roll. Awarn: old variant of warn. (OED)
Rowme: old variant of roam, room, Rome. (OED)
Edile: also aedile n. “Roman History. Any of several magistrates who superintended public buildings, policing, and other municipal matters. Hence in extended use: a person in charge of urban housing and building; a municipal officer. (OED)
Synds: variant for sind n. “A rinsing; a draught, a potation.”, v. “trans. To rinse, to wash out or down.” (OED)
Claes: variant for clothes. (OED)