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Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Chasm: n. “A yawning or gaping, as of the sea, or of the earth in an earthquake. Obsolete.”, “A large and deep rent, cleft, or fissure in the surface of the earth or other cosmical body. In later times extended to a fissure or gap, not referred to the earth as a whole, e.g. in a mountain, rock, glacier, between two precipices, etc.” (OED)
Ourie: adj. “Dismal, gloomy; cheerless; miserable as a result of cold, illness, etc.”, “ Sc. Of a thing: uncanny, disquieting; = eerie adj. 2. Also: (of a person) uneasy, apprehensive; = eerie adj. 1 (now Shetland).” (OED)
Houri: n. “A nymph of the Muslim Paradise. Hence applied allusively to a voluptuously beautiful woman.” (OED)
Agrin: adj. “In predicative use: grinning. Chiefly in all agrin.” (OED)