caper array reign ended seers  


Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Caper: n. “A frolicsome leap, like that of a playful kid; a frisky movement, esp. in dancing; said also of horses; fig. a fantastic proceeding or freak.” and “intr. To dance or leap in a frolicsome manner, to skip for merriment; to prance as a horse. Also with about, away.” (OED)
Arene: n. “Any aromatic hydrocarbon.” (OED)
Rynds: older form of rind n. “The bark of a tree or plant. Also as a count noun. Also fig. Now chiefly Canad.”, “The outer crust, skin, or integument of anything; an outer or superficial layer or coating.”, “An iron fitting serving to support an upper millstone;” and “Hoar frost, rime”. As v. “trans. To prepare (tallow, butter, etc.) for preservation by melting and clarifying; to render; to melt. Also with down.”; older form of rine v. “trans. To touch, lay hands upon, come into contact with; (fig.) to have an effect upon, to affect.”, “trans. and intr. To strike; to pierce.”, “intr. With to or (occasionally) on. To belong or pertain to, be the concern or business of; to fall to. In later use also (chiefly Sc.): to be such as to have a particular effect or outcome; to redound to, tend to.”, “trans. To constrict.”, “trans. To concern oneself with, take notice or cognizance of. Also (occasionally) intr.: to take notice.” and rynt v. “trans. (refl.). To make way, move over, stand aside. Only in imperative”. Finally, variant of rund n. “The border or selvedge of a piece of cloth; a scrap of fabric. Also: a rag, shred, or tatter (also fig. and in extended use).” (OED)