calls alien reave erned stars  


Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Reave: n. “A long low boundary wall or bank of a type found esp. on Dartmoor, in Devon.” or v. “intr. To commit robbery; to plunder, pillage; to make raids. Now chiefly Sc.” (OED)
Erned: old form of errand. (OED) Also v. “(Britain dialectal) To run; flow.”, “(Britain dialectal, Scotland) To (cause to) coagulate; curdle (milk) by adding rennet and applying heat.”, “(intransitive, obsolete) To stir with strong emotion; grieve; mourn.”, “(Britain dialectal, Scotland) To pain; torture.” and “(Britain dialectal, Scotland) (of the eyes) To cause to water; smart.” (Wiktionary)
Sneds: n. “The shaft or pole of a scythe.”, v. “transitive. To cut or lop off (a branch). Also in figurative context, and with off. In later use Sc. and northern dialect.” (OED)
Claes: pl. n. “Scottish and English regional (northern). = clothes” (OED)