barm oleo tsar hope  


Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Barm: n. “The froth that forms on the top of fermenting malt liquors, which is used to leaven bread, and to cause fermentation in other liquors; yeast, leaven.” (OED)
Oleo: also olio n. “A spiced meat and vegetable stew of Spanish and Portuguese origin. Hence: any dish containing a great variety of ingredients. Occasionally attrib. in olio pie. Obsolete.”, “Any mixture of many heterogeneous elements; a hotchpotch, medley, jumble. Frequently with of.” or “A collection of various artistic or literary pieces, a book containing miscellaneous items (such as engravings, or poems) on various subjects.”, but why not also “Relating to, employing, or designating a kind of telescopic strut used esp. in aircraft undercarriages, which absorbs shocks by means of a hollow piston into which oil is forced through a small orifice on compression of the strut (see also quot. 1965).” (OED)
Blae: adj. & n. “Of a dark colour between black and blue; blackish blue; of the colour of the blae-berry ( Vaccinium myrtillus); livid; also, of a lighter shade, bluish grey, lead-coloured. (Sometimes perhaps, in early writers, simply = Blue.)”, “esp. Applied to the complexion or colour of the human body, as affected by cold, or contusion: Livid. Hence black and blae (now altered to black and blue)” and “Of the weather: Bleak, sunless. [ < the prevailing colour of the landscape.]” (OED)