blob luau arts best  

bleb luau arts best  


Composed with words from litscape. Including diagonals.

Blob: n. “A drop or globule of liquid or viscid substance. Also fig.” or “A pimple, pustule. northern dialect. Also fig.” or “Someone of no account, a ‘cipher’ or fool. colloq. and slang (chiefly Austral.).”, also v. “trans. To mark with a blob of ink or colour; to blot or blur.” (OED)
Luau: n. “A party or feast with Hawaiian food and usually accompanied by Hawaiian entertainment; also attrib.” or “A cooked dish of young taro leaves served with coconut cream and octopus or chicken.” (OED)
Bleb: n. “A blister or small swelling on the skin; also a similar swelling on plants.” or “A bubble of air in water, glass, or other substance at some time fluid.” (OED)
Blab: n. “A bubble; a blister, a swelling. Obsolete exc. dialect.” or “An open-mouthed person, one who has not sufficient control over his tongue; a revealer of secrets or of what ought to be kept private; a babbler, tattler, or tell-tale; used also of the tongue. (Exceedingly common in 16th and 17th centuries; unusual in literature since c1750.)” as well as “Loose talk or chatter; babbling; divulging of secrets.” (OED)