The world into some kind

The world into some kind of curse. A bit like this. Nothing like easy. I don’t like it. At all. Yeah. At all. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing works. Nothing but the domination the strength

No real hot girl girls why do you even say that not even haha no real no no no no dark no nothing nothing to do anything to do with her them. Yeah. A project. You know. Let’s say it’s the whole problem. It’s not. Whatever. Oh yeah. That could be. Yeah. It was is all right, that is, because of the world that is the same construct the same torture all those moments about walls about action about the same problem activity the phrase poetry of the same of others poetry poetry of course. And the fucking fuckers. The fucking stupid shit. The pain is not the beginning the past the body the whole language the whole thing is a crux but I wonder of course yes if only there is really ever going to be seen it yes well not even rather perhaps the old stupid path of stress girls what is that of the things that are good force myself feel the place of desire the place of void things. Of great things. The ability to reach the stupidity of the past to the best of the self will come to this other one who holds onto the wall onto the bed fucks comes back the great human of the diaries of life then music music all the same as if the only way to get into the people who can be the positive the heads the head the templanity of the climbing of progress of the most fine was this shitty thing to start with right that’s it for now. This is nothing but that it doesn’t budge anywhere else has been a line of hate so blah. Haha. Such fucking way. Shit. Shit. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

      fucking despairing you could say that might produce it all still nothing anyway nothing really nothing well that was the fucking diary.


First batch from AIT.