The self torture is the

The self-torture is the strange thing and yet the story of strong of this world. Yeah. Oh yeah as if yeah. Yeah. And yet the whole thing you can’t even start was this lack lack of self-bashing disgusting disgusting. Who has this thing called ‘experience’. Impossibility to imagine. The weakening of the page, the problem of my brain discovering and loneliness and inferiority and less than that it does not seem to get done within my week then of course the pain the form of the high nothingness only the head the shit the storm the same thing etc. More. The hard thing the point of the thing the one shit principle of the desire for death for pain might all the stupid books in the mind haha yes repeat might might just haha that’s it that’s all. And then the real thing. The rest. The nothing. The cancer fantasy. The strength. The main stuff. The temptation of details. Or similar. And similar! But the same thing most probably hoping to get getting not getting some more more more than this all this all those things that hold the other strong in my head which the one must forget. Where does this not work. Haha. Yeah. Surprise. It didn’t come back. Nothing did. Nothing. Something of the sort. Add that to the story. The real thing. The tunnel. The opposite thing. The rest of it all. And hence the progress of pain. The dream the despair the inferior initiatives in this room the stringent part of the white of the walls of doing of forgetting something is the same here other subtle bits how about writing it maybe not a problem writing about the room about the street about the production of a day of course that’s something like style. As in. The series. No. Not the series. That’s the thing. The whole thing I should go through the complete destruction of the whole could it be more obvious. And the text. The grey nothingness that would be it all controlled in the mind of the past of this side of time and in the mind the self-bashing the lack thereof blah blah all this shit shit shit shit yeah shit shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Shit.


First batch from AIT.