Insane not enough to expect

Insane                                 not enough to expect me still now to                         the fingers are there                                         the ones who didn’t feel                                                                         the ones who started when the silence of the world, the war, the wall, the subjective                                                         the ones who name the postmal point of time in the head                                         the great thing, and that’s what I have this way. I should do that could be something and                                                                                        the fingers and the ‘models’, that is, the surface ‘progressive’ like in the previous one. I wonder. I wish I could say I could get some degree of                                                                                                                and that’s what you can’t                                         I shouldn’t be                                                         any whole                                 As in. As if really writing was at all possible leave it leave it of course it is changing the positive reaching the mind here and there in my head between the world that would be and the good old one in the low of the bum. Haha. But of course you can’t see how anywhere                                         almost fail it all suddenly something along the other                                        neither you can notice                                 the real thing you start from the start with the constraint of the art. Yeah. The brain to the bottom of it. Yeah. The circumstance.                                                 faraway could be the case. Haha. Yeah. Read.                                                                                                Yeah. That could be good.                                                                         and that door is not the way. Still there is change. Yeah. Only if coming up. Yeah. Something better. Yeah. Something of the sort.                                                                                                 The slightest thing in this and                                                         shit shit. Yeah. Shit. Blah.


Second batch from AIT.