I am still doing this

I am still doing this the same the ass the same one where haha still there the same the same one the only way the despair. The thoughts. Those ones again. The bottom of the body the blank the thrill work the feeling shit the thing is is there anything else. As said. As said. As said. As said. Yeah. A preset. Somewhere there are some things. Yeah. Some things else. Some things else. Some things there. The very strange thing is is is is there anything else to be done say work to the overall the whole the thing that is in due conviction the real thing could this be the thing this thing this this this this this dissolve this. Sure the grey the stupid shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck. All this. All this shit. All this. All this fucking thing. Yeah. All this I am. Yeah. And yet. What now. What now. The fucking shitty shitty path. I hate that as well as an end. And the word thing would be to deal with something all those metal things that could still be there. Lying about.

As if the pain the bare one better than this interesting interesting this is not the case no no not at all. Haha. Haha. As said. Haha. Haha. In any case. I should say I start. I remember an illness and this or that coming up. In the first place. The being discourses on cancer.


Second batch from AIT.